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Mai Kal Bharat Ka Pradhanamantri Banunga

UpdateDate:2/9/2013:  Source:SMS in Hindi for mobile phone
:Sharabi Ravi- “(Dusare Sharabi Se) Yaar, Mai Kal Bharat Ka Pradhanamantri Banunga.”Dusra Sharabi- “Tu To Tab Banega Jab Mai Istifaa De Dunga.”

2:A Gorgeous Girl Walks Up 2 Professor?S Cabin & Says: I'll Do Anything 2 Pass D Exam. Prof: Anything? Girl: Ya Prof? Girl: Ya!! Prof: Then Go & Study...! ...

3:Of Loving Beauty You Float With Grace If Only You Could Hide Your Face

4:Difference Between Rain In PAKISTAN And DUBAI In Dubai After Rain, Water Disappears In 5 Mins In Pakistan After Rain, The Road Disappears In 5 Mins...! :-)

5:Mob mein kuch karti thi. Jab bhi milti thi mujhse,Yehi pucha karti thi… Ye chalu kaise hota hai?Yusuf ka husn, Zulekha ka ghumaar dekha hai,Kuch is tarah se Haseenon ka pyaar dekha hai,,hindi sms jokes

6:Shocked Shastri…, “Agarkar ? ? .. how come Agarkar… he didn’t play the final “..

7:A: Why Are You Late? B: There Was A Man Who Lost A Hundred Dollar Bill. A: That's Nice. Were You Helping Him Look For It? B: No, I Was Standing On It.

8:Taste dis SMS Did u feel da taste of ginger?No?Sure?Well…..BANDAR KYA JAANE ADRAK KA SWAAD!!

9:Jay : Ab Outdated technology ke developer ki kismat mein to yehi,likha hai mausi..Mausi : kya kaha ladka Outdated technology mein kaam karata hai..!!!

10:Kanjoos to dukandar: Yaar zara toothbrush dena mere brush ka 1 baal toot gaya hai.Dukandar: 1 baal toota to naya q lerahe ho.Kanjoos: jo toota hai woh akhri tha…,hindi sms jokes

11:Sardar sharab peeta ro raha tha.Sharab wala : kyon ro rahe ho?Sardar : aur kiya karon? Main jis larki ka naam bhulana chata hoon. Us ka naam yaad he nahi aa raha.

12:Kabhi jindagee ke pano ko ulta kar dekhiyega,Aapko ek shakhs se, na dil se hota hai,Ye pyaar to ittefaak se hota hai,Or kya kahe pyaar karke bhi pyaar na mile,Ye ittefaak sirf hamaare hi saath hota hai…?

13:Santa phoned his wife: I am not coming home . The steering, dash board, gears of car have been stolen.After sometime he calls again: I am coming , earlier I sat on the back seat.

14:He Broke Her Heart... And She Broke His Iphone 5G... I Think We All Know Who Cried HArder.... :-P :-D <('.') //> TXt _/\_K죣€R

15:Life Before Computer Window Was A Square Hole In A Room Application Was Somethong Written In Paper Mouse Was An Animal Keyboaed Was A Piano File Was An Important Office Material Hard Drive Was An Uncomfortable Road Trip Cut Was Done With Knife And Paste With Glue. Web Was A Spider's Home.... But Now......
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